Health Insurance for Students in Germany

Unlike other countries Germany has mandated health insurance for each individual. Health insurance plays the role of an assistant while being in situations like needing medical assistance. So, if you want to go to Germany for your higher studies, make sure to get health insurance for yourself. As the German government has mandated you to have health insurance in order to get your student visa. And this is ensured by an enforced law that says that each individual living in Germany is required to have health insurance, including expats.

International students who have already enrolled in their degree programmes are eligible to get public health insurance for students in Germany. Whereas private health insurance can only be accessed by the students over 30 years old and are preparing in Germany for language courses.

Best Health Insurance Companies in Germany

A lot of organisations are offering health insurance for students in Germany. But, here we have only listed the names of the best 10 health insurance companies in Germany to help you get the best deal, that are listed below:

  1. HanseMerkur
  2. Barmer
  3. DAK
  4. AOK
  5. SBK
  6. TK
  7. AXA
  8. Novitas BKK
  9. Care Concept
  10. Allianz Worldwide Care Limited

Public Health Insurance in Germany

Public health insurance is a system of health insurance in Germany. It is compulsory for all Germans, and is funded by the government. The system was introduced in 1948, and has been in place ever since. Public health insurance is the most common form of health insurance in Germany, accounting for over 90% of all health insurance claims.

Overall, public health insurance can help you get your student visa to study in germany. So, make sure to check that with your university.

Private Health Insurance in Germany

Private health insurance for students in Germany is available in a variety of plans, each with its own set of benefits and premiums. A few common features of private health insurance for students in Germany are that it is typically not mandatory, and coverage can be tailored to the individual needs of the student.

The most important consideration when choosing private health insurance for students in Germany is the availability of coverage. Most private health insurance plans in Germany cover only specific medical procedures and treatments, so it is important to research the coverage offered by a particular plan before signing up.

However, private health insurance is not mandatory to carry in Germany.

Cons of Having Health Insurance in Germany

  1. Perceived Across The Europe

German general health care coverage is an ideal arrangement for individuals who are dependably moving. As a general rule, German health care coverage offers more extensive inclusion than most open protection plans offer somewhere else on the planet. Germany is important for the normal European medical services conspire likewise considered as EHIC. This gives an assurance that everybody undertaking general health care coverage in Germany will have his/her clinical requirements shrouded in every European country. As well as, Germany has additionally consented to federal retirement aid arrangements with a few different nations where German general health care coverage is acknowledged.

  • Reasonable Costs

In Germany the expense of general health care coverage is expanding gradually from one year to another. Notwithstanding, in the event that we analyse all open Insurances from different nations its expenses are much reasonable.

  • Inclusion for Non-Working Dependents

Primarily a confidential health care coverage plan covers just a solitary individual. In this manner, the expense to manage the cost of private health care coverage in Germany for a family would be hard. Luckily, In Germany general health care coverage gives wellbeing costs inclusion to any non-working wards. Under the plan of compulsory health care coverage which was made by the German Government, a German or non German occupant is expected to enrol his/her non-working reliance to the public protection supplier of his/her decision so they can get similar clinical benefits for nothing when it will be required.

  • Ostensible Fees at Hospitals

In Germany the people who are having general health care coverage are given a participation card. On the off chance that, If a clinical treatment is being conveyed then the patients just need to show their participation card and should pay an ostensible expense and the supplier of general medical coverage will deal with the rest.

  • Co-Payment

In Germany there are such kinds of general health care coverage suppliers to which they don’t offer inclusion. In Germany for the vast majority of extra clinical purposes patients are regularly expected to just compensate for a more modest measure of cash while the rest charges will be covered by from which they have given a public protection plan.

Is my home country health insurance accepted in Germany?

Yes, but only in a few countries health insurance is accepted in Germany. Global understudies who come from European nations which are recorded beneath are as per the following:

  • Iceland
  • Tunisia
  • Israel
  • Bosnia-Herzegovina
  • Macedonia
  • Montenegro
  • Norway
  • Morocco
  • Switzerland
  • Liechtenstein
  • Serbia
  • Turkey

Candidates from these countries are not expected to get extra health care coverage in Germany because of the acknowledgment of their general health care coverage plans in Germany which implies the health care coverage from their nations of origin are substantial in Germany.

Furthermore, to find the administrations of understudy health care coverage as your health care coverage doesn’t cover all costs in Germany they ought to make a point to check with their health care coverage supplier.

When they show up in Germany, then they will be dependable. As it is plausible that the health care coverage they have taken from their nation of origin won’t take care of all costs in Germany.

Nonetheless, if an European/European financial region understudy is doing a paid entry level position in Germany or understudy work, German general health care coverage is essential for them.


If you are serious about your studies and want to get it completed in German institutes then without issuing a student visa you can’t reside there. So, it’s better to get student health insurance in Germany by today. There are a lot more government organisations that are offering health insurances for expats. So, compare the rates of different insurance providers to find the best deal for yourself. However, we have already lightened the important things that you need to know about the insurance system in Germany. If still you need further assistance in the same, make sure to check out our other blog posts to find the best.

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